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The purpose of this website is to provide you, the home or business owner, with some important information regarding your purchase of a permanent supply of fresh water.

Surface water, in the form of lakes, rivers and streams accounts for less than 3% of all fresh water on Earth — with more than 97% underground water in storage. It accumulates over a period of centuries with each year’s rainfall adding only slightly to its overall volume.

The idea of an underground reservoir, or actual body of water to be tapped, is incorrect. Rather the ground is more like a sponge, with the water percolating through the interconnected pores, fractures, cracks and crevices. It is most often the accumulative effect of boring through this ‘rock sponge’ that provides the well with an adequate supply of water.

Unlike surface water, which is most often turbid and easily contaminated by bacteria, the relatively slow movement of water filtering through the ground renders it free of suspended particles and with no bacteria. It is usually clear, colorless and is not subject to seasonal fluctuations in rainfall.

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  • Free On-Site Inspection and Estimate for Well Drilling
  • All workmanship and materials are fully warranteed
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